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SLEEPING has a communicative meaning: it says something about your personality and it received a different meaning in the recent years: from functionality to expression. Stellini Textile Group’s knitted and jacquard fabrics create a multifaceted range that gives expression to mattresses and they are sensitively coordinated.

A New mindset for developments, we accentuate this new setup to work with different styles
This brings a very clear handwriting and inspires!

Themes propagate an atmosphere, a feeling and Emotional values are making the difference.

Our collection grid is based on following themes:
Modern: Freedom, Innovative, Fun, Tasteful, Surprising, Energy, Positive, Design, Humour, Modern Loft.
Basic-casual: Simplicity, accessible, softness, natural, cosy, warm and good feeling, contemporary home, non-modern, non-classical.
Classic-Haute Couture: Wisdom, pasted ages (new) classical tradition, advanced, high society feeling, cosmopolitan, oriental, multicultural, chic, city, vintage style.
Romantic wellness: silent secrets, diffuse light, beauty, soft, poems, poetic, sensual, naturally sophisticated, dreams, new classic.
Nature: 100% pure nature fabrics, connected with earth, respect, back to basics.

We Distinguish ourselves by making a difference in innovation and lifestyle, we make market-oriented collections based on international trends and themes with a Coordinated product range in different styles and price levels.

Our fabrics are showing decorative and contemporary looks with excellent care properties, these Extraordinary qualities are made of special selected materials and wake up the most beautiful colour nuances, some delicate colours create even an atmosphere of enchanting lightness.

Our textiles play an important role in the realisation of your ideas.