Coex – retardante de fuego Naturalmente

QUÉ ES COEX? COEX es una tecnología innovadora patentada que vuelve los tejidos realizados con fibras vegetales naturales al 100% como lino, algodón o viscosa, completamente ignífugos. Actualmente con COEX se puede realizar una nueva generación de tejidos ignífugos exclusivos y naturales a la vista y al tacto. “100% fibra natural, sin alterar la seguridad”… Read more »


SLEEPING has a communicative meaning: it says something about your personality and it received a different meaning in the recent years: from functionality to expression. Stellini Textile Group’s knitted and jacquard fabrics create a multifaceted range that gives expression to mattresses and they are sensitively coordinated. A New mindset for developments, we accentuate this new… Read more »

Oeko-Tex® STD 100

The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification confirms our focus on the future. Being a cutting-edge company in an industry as specific as the production of knitted and jacquard fabrics for mattresses also entails being able to respect certain quality standards established on both national and international levels. Having the highly-valued Oeko-Tex® certificate of quality guarantees a… Read more »

In the near future!

The ideas that take shape. A year ago, because of the economic situation and of the consequent devaluation of the Russian ruble, we had to revise our corporate strategy to give concrete support to our customers. In January, we dusted off an old project, starting with a production plant in Russia.Thanks to a series of positive… Read more »

NBF “National Bed Federation” THE BED SHOW 2015

Visit us and discover the Stellini world, at the BED SHOW 2015 trade fair organized by the National Bed Federation! Together we will change the look of your bed, thanks to our new Grand Jacquard fabrics. We also improve the design of your mattress with the new borders tailored for you. We will complete the range… Read more »

Thanks for Koln

Dear all, On behalf of the Stellini family, our shareholders and our employees I would like to thank you for coming to visit our stand at Interzum. It was wonderful to meet you and present our products and new projects which aim to satisfy the new needs of our clients. This is the spirit behind… Read more »

The earth and its elements at Interzum 2015, Cologne, 5-8 May.

Contemplating the world around us, we were inspired by nature and its elements: EARTH, WATER, AIR and FIRE, making them the underlying theme for a range of fabrics which we will present at the traditional biennial Interzum fair in Cologne. Around each element we have developed fresh, youthful and innovative fabrics attributable to the concept… Read more »