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COEX is a innovative patent technology that render fabrics made from 100% natural vegetable fibers, such as linen, cotton and viscose, completely fireproof.

With COEX today it’s possible to realize a new generation of FR fabrics with a unique natural look and feel.

“100% natural fiber, without compromising on safety”


COEX offers advantages not only in terms of protection against fire, but thanks to its a natural and hypoallergenic fibers, provides unique comfort, perfect fabric transpiration and total safety even for children.

Furthermore, it’s the only natural product currently on the market which offers a real permanent antiflame action because it doesn’t burn but charring it raises a barrier against flames.


All COEX yarns and fabrics are manufactured and tested to the highest international standards of fi re protection. Moreover, COEX also means respect for the environment, safety and reliability.

Curtains, decorative fabrics, wall coverings:

  • EN 13772 and EN 13773 (Class 1), Europe
  • DIN 4102 (B1), Germany
  • NF P 92-503 to 92-505 (M1), France
  • BS 5867, 5438 (Part 2, Type C), UK
  • NFPA 701 (Passed), USA

Soft furnishings:

  • EN 1021 (No ignition), Europe
  • DIN 4102B1 (“Brandschacht”), Germany
  • NF P 92-503 to 92-505, 92-507, (M1) France
  • BS 5852 (crib 5, 7), (Passed), UK
  • California TB 116, 117, 133 (Passed), USA


Flame retardant fabrics should be washed in softened water. Hard water contains mineral salts forming insoluble deposits in the fabric which can act as fuel if exposed to the flame. The COEX fi reproof fabrics are mainly composed of cellulose, biodegradable material and of vegetable origin. To guarantee the perfect features of the fabric you are advised to carefully follow the instructions below (labeled in accordance with international standard UNI EN ISO 3758: 2005):


  • Washing temperature 40 ° C. Gentle washing with liquid detergents with a neutral pH ( below 9.0 ).
  • Washing temperature 90 ° C. Professional washing with deionized water. The use of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia is allowed.
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry in low temperatures
  • Iron at medium temperatures
  • Professional dry cleaning

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  • breathable
  • Low pilling
  • Comfort and softness
  • Biodegradable
  • Hight Light Fastness
  • hypoallergenic

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