In recent years the growing appreciation of eco-sustainable materials has led to a higher demand for new natural products. The fabric made from bamboo fiber Read More
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    TENCEL® fiber is without doubt ideal in the production of completely natural fabrics as it is extracted from a noble material: wood. Due to its Read More
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    An extremely high quality fabric created with one of the most famous wools in the world: Cashmere. Synonymous with luxury thanks to its exceptional quality, Read More
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    Yarns in cupro are produced from the purest cellulose found in nature: by means of a specific process, the cotton-waste is dissolved and extruded, obtaining Read More
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    This is a natural fiber obtained from a tropical plant that grows in South-East Asia and Africa which has a similar structure to cotton but Read More
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    Following the trends of the modern market, we have created a fabric for mattresses which is fresh, tough and with a natural, pleasing look. To Read More
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  • SILK

    A natural fiber known and appreciated since the dawn of time: silk. Silk is beautful, pleasant to touch but above all soft and comfortable like Read More
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  • WOOL

    Exploiting the potential of wool, we have created a line of products which are incredibly soft, elastic, hygroscopic and thermally insulated. Indeed, wool allows us to produce an exceptional fabric which will make your mattress warm and comfortable, but also Read More
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