New identity, same values

Since our founding in 1947, Stellini has grown from a small weaving mill to an international front runner who keeps up with the times. This evolution requires not only streamlining our visual identities, but also a more modern look that fits who we are and what we stand for. All of this is now reflected in our revamped corporate identity. Moreover, our range of solutions and special textiles is also becoming wider every day. This also increased the need to be able to share our information more smoothly with our customers. The result? A brand new and well-arranged website that we are proud to present.

What has changed?

A sleek, contemporary and distinctive look characterises the makeover. But we also speak clearly in terms of content. You will now find all the information you need faster. At the product level, everything was thoroughly explored and product leaflets are available in multiple languages.

Furthermore, our wide range of activities, styles and specialties is clearly highlighted. We keep it clear by providing filters and search functions. Optimal comfort and ease of use, that’s what we go for.

Despite all these changes, Stellini is and remains a family business. And those family values ​​are important to us, not only internally within the company, but also in the close relationship that we also have with our customers. An essential part of our DNA, let’s say, of which we are quite proud. We now share this story in our corporate film “Un Affare di Famiglia” which you can view on the website.

Tips or comments?

We went out of our way to improve the website, but nothing or nobody is perfect. Do you have any tips or comments? Compliments? Let us know via

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