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Italian Style In Ticking

Italy, that is passion, design and family. Cliche? Maybe so, but that’s not making it any less true. At Stellini we got a love of quality and textile from an early age. Eye for detail was passed on from father to son. More than 80 years later, we are still a cordial and firm family business. The love for high-quality materials, warm trust and refined aesthetics have penetrated every fiber of our company.


We go back a long way

  1. Foundation of Tessitura Valentino Stellini in Vanzaghello ( Italy), a little town in the province of Milan.

  2. Stellini family acquires Tessitura Tosi ( Italy) expanding jacquard production.

  3. CT Nassau Ticking ( U.S.) opens its first North American facility for the production of woven mattress ticking.

  4. Jacquard Textile Asia (Thailand) open up its plant for the production of woven and knit mattress ticking.

  5. Tessitura Stellini move to the nearby village of Magnago ( Italy) into a new brand factory.

  6. Jacquard Textile South America (Argentina) opens up its plant for the production of woven mattress ticking.

    In Italy, Tessitura Stellini starts a polypropylene facility in Magnago and the family Stellini opens Maglieria di Magnago starting the production of knitted mattress ticking.

  7. Jacquard Fabrics (India) open up its plant for the production of woven and knit mattress ticking.

  8. Tessitura Tosi moves to the production plant in Magnago and changes name into Stellini.

  9. Foundation of Stellini International (Luxemburg).

  10. Opening of Jacquard Textile Shenzhen sales office in China and in Russia, Stellini.Ru starts the production of woven and knitted mattress ticking.

  11. Opening of the Stellini Iberica sales office in Spain.

  12. Jacquard Textile South America starts the production of knitted mattress ticking.

  13. Stellini.Ru builds and moves into a new plant for the production and finishing of woven and knit mattress ticking.


A 4th generation family business

It’s a story we’ll never tire of hearing. Over 80 years ago in Magnago, Italy an idea sparked into life. It was right after the second World War and our grandfather Valentino Stellini decided to start his own weaving business. Stellini Tessitura was born. The passion for textile was passed on from father to son. In many ways, our founders’ son – Renzo Stellini – was ahead of his time and today, his ability to see opportunity where others couldn’t still inspires us. In the course of the years, Stellini has remained a family business, which we cherish as a great advantage.

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What defines us

The best way to make a product last, is to make it strong and durable. To maximize that longevity, we employ the highest quality materials and standards. 4 generations of experience and the constant pursuit for improvement define the quality of our products.

Being a family, to us, goes beyond its narrow sense. Many of the relationships with our customers exist for years and pretty often, we know them personally. Not only do we value our commitments to our customers but we want to show that little extra by offering custom, personalized solutions, at the same time being an flexible and agile.

The textile industry is quickly moving away from its traditional roots through the adoption of novel technologies. Both in terms of design, product characteristics and sustainability. That’s why we strive to keep our finger on the pulse as it comes to the latest trends and see how we can apply new innovations into our products.

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