Bedding Solutions

Stellini produces a comprehensive range of innovative and high-quality bedding fabrics for mattress and bedding furniture manufacturers worldwide.

Comfortable, High quality & Good looking

Mattress ticking

The days when mattresses were always basic white are long gone. Today you can safely stand out a bit more. At Stellini we meet the increasing demand for trendy textiles and fabrics with a unique design. Our fabrics come in a large number of designs, materials, colours, qualities and always on trend. In-house designed or based on customers designs or requests: refinement and quality are paramount in all our mattress fabrics.


Mattress borders

Mattress borders have been one of our trademarks for years. Stellini was the first to produce ready-made quilted and embroidered borders. Advantage: fewer steps in the production process and perfectly tailored edges help you save time and costs.

With the emergence of the Bed-In-A-Box mattresses, our developers have also continued to innovate in the development of wrinkle-free borders – woven or knitted – in order to respond to new trends and developments in the market.


Mattress tape

While most tapes continue to be used as functional seam sealers, they also embellish the bed. And, with increasing frequency, their purpose is purely decorative, to buff-up brands and differentiate products at the point of sale.

Our mattress tape – woven or knitted – comes in an array of widths, colors, designs and finishes. They can have chenille yarns, bits of sparkle or intricate print patterns.

Fashionable and trendy

Furniture fabrics

In recent years, the sector of upholstered beds and box springs has grown exponentially. At Stellini we offer fabric coverings for headboards and boxsprings with a wide choice in type, quality, design and color of the fabrics and always on-trend with the rapidly evolving fashion and interior sector. Moreover, they also pass Martindale, Oekotex and all major fire resistance tests with flying colors.

You can sleep on both ears

Pillow fabrics

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping,  with our heads on the pillow. Pillow fabrics should therefore feel pleasantly soft, be allergen-free, offer good temperature regulation, and so on. Or fabrics come  in a wide range of materials and finishes. Each with specific characteristics that meet the needs of the individual customer.


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