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Cold hands or feet, heavy legs, low energy, … Poor blood circulation can manifest itself in various ways and many will experience it sooner or later.

Blood circulation is how nutrients and oxygen are brought to your body’s organs. The better our circulation, the more good substances our body receives, However, poor circulation slows down or blocks blood flow, so the cells in your body do not get all the oxygen and nutrients they need,

We have just mentioned energy dips and often feeling cold, but it can also result in concentration problems, tingling in your arms and legs, shortness of breath, varicose veins, chronic pain and more,

Fortunately, RESTORE comes to the rescue! A mattress fabric, based on bioceramic yarn, that will help rev up your blood circulation while you’re sleeping.


How does it work?

Restore is a BIO CERAMIC BASED FABRIC with the unique ability to recycle your body heat and turn it into beneficial far infrared energy (FIR).

1 — BIO CERAMIC YARN is created by mixing a selection of MINERAL OXIDES in a powered form. This cocktail of science is transformed into a liquid state which can be fused onto polyester fibers and permanently
embedded into yarn.

2 — The yarn obtained has the unique ability to ABSORB BODY HEAT, TURN IT INTO FAR INFRARED LIGHT (FIR) and send it back to the body where it is absorbed by the body tissue and muscles. 

3 — These FIR waves, re-emitted by the unique mineral structure of RESTORE, are beneficial as they penetrate deep into our tissue and cause the body to INCREASE CIRCULATION AND OXYGEN wherever it is applied.


A multitude of benefits.

Thanks to its unique FIR properties, Restore contributes to a wide array of proven health benefits, including:

  • Better metabolism
  • Faster recovery 
  • Less cold hands and feet
  • Reduces pain
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Feel more energetic
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