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Optimal Temperature. Optimal Sleep.

Experts have identified that the key to a good night’s sleep is the temperature of your sleeping ‘microclimate’: the space between your skin and the bedding fabric. During night, the body emits moisture vapour – sweat – to release excess heat and control your temperature. And thus also our microclimate. An ideal temperature should be between 28° and 30°C (*).  Our comfort zone.

Thermic® QuickDry removes excess heat and moisture to keep you in your comfort zone.


How does it work?

PCMs (reactive microencapsulated Phase Change Material) can change from solid to liquid and back again, depending on the surrounding temperature. When the temperature rises, they absorb heat and change from solid to liquid. When the temperature drops, they release heat and change back to solid.


As the temperature in your microclimate rises, Thermic® QuickDry fabric absorbs excess heat and slows the rate at which your skin temperature rises. So you don’t get too hot.


When temperature rises, the body starts to sweat. Thermic®QuickDry accelerates the diffusion and evaporation of sweat, leading to a rapid drop of temperature.


As temperature falls, PCMs release heat, which slows the rate of cooling. It thus regulates your skin temperature in the comfort zone, providing you with a comfortable night’s sleep.

Benefits & Attributes.

Thermic® QuickDry adds a number of unique properties to the mattress fabric. But without touching on the equally unique properties of the fabric.

Breathability is maintained

Suppleness is not affected

Softness guaranteed

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