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Anti viral protection that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

Micro-organisms are essential for all life processes, so they can be found all over the world. However, a small part of the micro-organisms are capable of making people sick. The best known of these – viruses and bacteria – can occur in the air, food or all kinds of surfaces that we come into contact with in everyday life. While good hygiene is essential, adequate protection will make us feel a lot safer and more comfortable. This is exactly the kind of protection that VIRALCARE offers!




How does it work?

Micro organisms have the ability to survive on surfaces – including textiles – for longer periods of time. This provides the perfect conditions for proliferation.

VIRALCARE is an innovative textile finishing,  based on antibacterial silver and antiviral technologies that destroy micro organisms viruses in minutes. This way, it reduces the risk of transmission and protect us from harmful bacteria and viruses. The nice little extra: unpleasant odors, caused by micro-organisms, get no chance. Freshness and well-being guaranteed!

The video below will show you how it works!

English version: “ViralCare — Anti viral protection that makes you feel safe and comfortable.”

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Reduced viral load by up to 90%.

Residual virus infectivity tested according to a modified ISO 20743 method (Sendai virus),
ISO 20743:2013, Textiles Determination of antibacterial activity of textile products and
ISO 18184:2019 Textile Determination of antiviral activity of textile products.

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Anti bacterial


Soft to the touch

Against bad odours


Washable at 40°C (105°F)

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