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of skin care.

Moisturising creams take time to get absorbed and don’t go well with tight clothes. They make your hands greasy. Leave stains on fabrics. And while we might be lacking time in the morning, we might be just too tired in the evening to take care. Does that sound familiar?

Lucky enough, taking care of your skin is no longer a matter of applying creams and lotions. Senses Skin uses cutting-edge textile technology that combines textile with active cosmetic substances. Simply said: your mattress transforms into a virtual beauty center, eliminating the need to actively apply the cosmetic substance!

The result is that Senses Skin will allow your customers to look after their skin when it’s most needed and with zero effort: night in, night out and without having to think about it…

Benefits & Attributes.

Long lasting

Effortless & time saving 

Does not impair the handle

Applicable on all kinds of textile fibers

Has no negative effects on humans

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