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    The ideas that take shape. A year ago, because of the economic situation and of the consequent devaluation of the Russian ruble, we had to revise our corporate strategy to give concrete support to our customers. In January, we dusted off an old project, starting with a production plant in Russia.Thanks to a series of positive and purposefully meetings and our outstanding gift of entrepreneurial unconsciousness, in only few month we started to realize a new start-up, the Stellini.RU based in

    Good customer service has always been one of our strengths. Customer care and satisfaction are of fundamental importance for us and represent a commitment which we fulfil by being flexible and finding rapid solutions to our clients’ needs. We work
  • Stellini Textile Group PHILOSOPHY

    We have been producing Jacquard textiles since 1947, in particular textiles for the mattress industry. In the year 2005 we installed our first double jersey jacquard knitting machine enabling us to became a complete supplier for the mattress industry. CAD